It’s my Birthday!

Today’s my birthday, and I turn 24. But I suspect it’s going to be my most boring birthday ever.. 🙁

Since two days, I’m down with cold and cough, and intermittently feeling feverish.. Not a good way to start the day at all.. On top of that, most likely I’d be working at the office today.. Now that’s definitely a downer, don’t u think?

On the bright side, I was planning to start this blog on my birthday.. So, at least that happened 🙂

Haven’t thought of any resolutions yet.. It’s not like I’m big on holding onto my birthday/new year resolutions, but still, it’s nice to have some 😀  And that reminds me.. Have you ever met anyone who has kept up his/her birthday/new year resolutions? Strangely, I can’t remember anyone 😛

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