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Subtext is a visual programming language where you express the application logic in a tabular fashion. I’m not gonna try to explain Subtext in this post. You can find out more from its homepage:

I learned about Subtext nearly 2 months back. It sounded interesting, but all I could find on the site were 2 screencasts and a bunch of papers. Apparently, it’s still a research project and the prototype used in the screencast isn’t publicly available yet. I was a little disappointed, and almost forgot about it until today.

Today, someone posted this link on programming reddit where someone had posted a link to the the page where Jonathan Edwards (Subtext creator) has posted a link to the prototype used in the demo! (hmm.. that was just 3 indirections 😀  but still, here’s a direct link to the download if all that confused you: ) Yay! Finally, something for me to dabble with 🙂  And guess what, it’s even got the sources! 🙂

I’m not expecting much from the prototype (not yet). Good if it’s mature enough for me to go beyond the hello worldish programs. Even otherwise, I’m happy just to play around 🙂