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I had to re-install rvm on my MacBook because my gemsets were a bit messed up, and I thought I should start over with a clean install. I just rm -rf‘ed ~/.rvm, and then went ahead and re-installed it according to the instructions at Installed ruby 1.9.3, and the openssl package as described here. But after that, both gem install and bundle install started failing because the SSL certificate from couldn’t be verified. Couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong. But, after a bit of googling, found out a way to skip the SSL certificate checks.

To skip the SSL certificate checks, just add this line to your .gemrc

:ssl_verify_mode: 0

This causes the gem and bundle commands to skip SSL certificate verifications when fetching them from a HTTPS source.

Of course, you can also bypass the error by using a non HTTPS URLs for your gem sources in your Gemfile (when using bundler). So, something like:

source ''

in your Gemfile, will become:

source ''


Neither of these actually fix the problem. They just avoid SSL certificate checks, or use a non SSL source. I still don’t know what went wrong during the re-install.